What is FAST?

An award-winning early-intervention programme which supports children’s learning at home to help them fulfil their potential at school.

Success at school

“Monique has become more positive and it’s made her happier. She absolutely loved FAST – it has changed how we are.” Monique's mum, Natalie

How it works

Families are invited to attend eight weekly sessions where children and parents take part in structured activities together. 

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FAST was developed by Dr Lynn McDonald, Professor of Social Work Research at Middlesex Uni

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Get involved

Parents, schools and LAs can support children's development through FAST.

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Get information on the FAST strategy, success, statistics and evaluation outcomes.

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Success Stories

  • Wednesday Jul 2013

    “Because I’ve always worked, I didn’t know other parents. I always had to rush away when I dropped Monique at school and didn’t talk to anyone,” says Natalie, mum to eight-year-old Monique.

  • Saturday Jul 2013

    Five-year-old Lewis lives with his mum, Becky, and his brother Dillan, seven. Dillan has severe special needs and requires a lot of care, which left Becky worried she wasn’t spending enough one-to...