Becky and Lewis

Five-year-old Lewis lives with his mum, Becky, and his brother Dillan, seven. Dillan has severe special needs and requires a lot of care, which left Becky worried she wasn’t spending enough one-to-one time with Lewis.

Photo credit: 
Mark Ellis/Save the Children

Lewis had a lot of excess energy, and was struggling to sit and concentrate at school. He found it hard to manage his feelings and often got angry at home.

Becky and Lewis took part in FAST at Lewis’s school. It transformed their relationship, and dramatically improved Lewis’ concentration and behaviour.

“There’s a big difference between what Lewis was like and what he’s like now,” says Becky.

“He’s much happier talking about how he feels. Before he wasn’t interested in work, now he comes straight in and gets his counting board and does his numbers. It’s a total difference.

“It’s changed my view of school. All the parents who know each other from FAST have a connection. It’s made me better and stronger. I feel like I can cope every day.

“It’s a pleasure to be around Lewis now.”